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Bible Adventures for Kids App

10 Stories and 20 Games

Helping Children Learn, Interact, and Engage with God's Word


This interactive children's app features 10 of the best-loved stories of the Bible and 20 games! From David, Daniel, Esther and Peter, children ages 7 and under can learn, interact and engage with their favorite Bible stories in new and exciting ways.

Interact and Engage with Scripture – Each story features touchable story scenes, sound effects and games providing an entertaining and educational experience which will increase Biblical literacy.

Learn Scripture – Each story is written in a style which is both easy to hear (for non-readers) and easy to read (for young readers) and begins with a key Biblical verse that represents a central theme of the Bible story.

10 dynamic stories are included:

  • David, with Nothing but a Sling
  • Jonah and a Big Fish
  • Ruth Refuses to Leave
  • Joseph, a Leader in a Foreign Land
  • Peter and the Beggar
  • Daniel in a Pit with Lions
  • Esther's Courage Saves her People
  • Joshua Watches for Falling Walls!
  • Solomon Builds God's House
  • Paul and Silas in Prison

Exciting features:

  • “Read to Me” function enables children to listen and read along with highlighted text
  • “Read by Myself” function teaches young readers to read God’s Word
  • Interactivity allows children to touch on screen elements within the Bible stories
  • Sound effects and music enhances the stories
  • 20 Games include coloring pages, puzzles and matching
  • Text is adapted from the Contemporary English Version (English) or Traducción en Lenguaje Actual (Spanish) – translations easily understood by young readers

Now available in English or Spanish, Aventuras de la Biblia para Niños for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android smartphones and tablets.



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Bible Adventures for Kids from Theresa Dionisio on Vimeo.