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TLA EcoBiblia, Spanish


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New Ecological Bible with vegetable ink

Featuring recycled paper and vegetable ink, the "EcoBiblia", published by the United Bible Societies promotes the care of the environment, through the writings of the Bible.

The Bible text, "Traducción en Lenguaje Actual", features helps on the care of the environment, including articles like:

  • Land, ¿inheritance or merchandise?
  • God: creator and savior
  • Social Ethics and the Environment: a reflection on Hosea 2 and 4.
  • Christians: stewards of creation
  • Climatic Change and the Bible
  • Ecology, the Bible and native towns
  • Creation speaks
  • Proclamation of the sixth day
  • A green-thumb God
The promises and teachings of God related to ecology are highlighted in green in the Bible text.

Paperback. 1,024 pages.