Custom Bibles


Thank you for your contacting us about your custom Bibles, scripture portion or devotional. Here are some FAQ’s and information that will help our team provide you with the best pricing information.


1)     How many custom Bibles can I order? 

Beginning in February 2020 we have established a new method allowing us to print in small quantities and offer a 200 print minimum option. For the best pricing an order of 1,000 Bibles or more is encouraged.  


2)     What version of the Bible can I order my custom edition in?

ABS has a wide selection of Bible translations that you can use to customize; however, please be advised, we don’t print Bibles that others created or wrote.

If you don’t see the version you have in mind, just ask!

Some of the most common translations used for custom version are:

  • Contemporary English Version (CEV)
  • Good News Translation (GNT)
  • Kings James Version (KJV)
  • New International Version (NIV)


3)     Do you only customize Bibles? 

Our custom editions include:

  • Full Bibles
  • New Testament ONLY
  • Scripture portions (only a book of the Bible, i.e. The Book of John or the combo of Psalms/Proverb)
  • Custom Devotional – ask your custom editions contact about getting a devotional for your group, organization or ministry.


4)     What type of print/design can I use on the cover?

You can choose from a variety using combinations of the following;

  • 2 color paperback
  • 4 color paperback
  • Hardcover (with color cover)
  • Hardcover (with gold foil stamp)
  • Leather
  • Imitation Leather


5)     Can we include additional pages?

If you decide to include insert pages, they can be placed in the front of the Bible (behind the cover), the back or split between the two. Some examples of custom insert pages are below:

  • Church History
  • Dedication Page
  • Faith tradition information
  • Letter(s) from an office, division, team…etc.


6)     How long will the Bibles take to be made and shipped?

On average, custom editions take 6-8 weeks after the customer approves of the proof.


Ready to begin your custom order?

Contact us at 1-800 -32- BIBLE (1-800-322-4253) or send an email to the custom editions manager to get started on your custom order or if you have additional questions.